Screenshot of 'Dewdle' over a hockey practice

Dewdle is a lightweight web-based telestrator tool, supporting a high degree of configuration. Primarily designed to handle multiple simultaneous users in a live broadcast environment, it also integrates well with streaming software such as OBS Studio.

Screenshot of a 'Resource Calculator' game page
Resource Calculator

Resource Calculator is a tool to help plan crafting and building projects in video games.My contributions include improvements to the user interface and the addition of numerous resource trees to the calculator.

Screenshot of the 'RPI TV Titling System' user interface
RPI TV Titling System

The RPI TV Titling System is designed to render, organize, and control graphics being overlaid on a video feed.My contributions included streamlining pre-event configuration, queued graphic rendering, and general improvements to usability.

Screenshot of the 'RPI TV Scoreboard' user interface
RPI TV Scoreboard

The RPI TV Scoreboard is an SVG-based system used to create a live scoreboard overlay for a video feed.My primary contribution was a skeuomorphic overhaul of the user interface to match an actual scoreboard.

Screenshot of 'College Hockey Wiki Tables' and resulting render
College Hockey Wiki Tables

College Hockey Wiki Tables was designed to simplify updating college hockey rosters on Wikipedia. It could scrape data from trusted sources and generate a table in wikitext markup. Parsing code was derived from, and later contributed back into, the RPI TV Titling System.

Screenshot of a finished game of 'Face Snake'
Face Snake

Face Snake was a simple project to work with the HTML5 canvas. It let users define images for a game of snake, along with difficulty-related settings.

Screenshot of the 'Social Scheduler' schedule view
Social Scheduler

Designed as a team project for RPI's Software Design and Documentation course, Social Scheduler tied social media into course registration. RPI Students were able to authenticate with Facebook to see their friends' course registrations so they could join (or avoid) them.

Mockups of the 'Recon Rally' mobile app
Recon Rally

Recon Rally was a Rensselaer Alumni Association sponsored mobile application to provide members of the Rensselaer community with an interactive campus experience. Through the use of QR codes and NFC tags the app would provide information about a building's history and significance.